The Male Choir

The Male Choir began its days in 1994 at the 50th anniversary of The Danish Boys Choir. About 100 previous boys singers meet up and wanted to return to singing together. Hence The Male Choir was formed. Today the choir is conducted by Gunner Jensen.

The Male Choir has a very broad repertoire and performs at various concerts and arrangements throughout the year – on their own and with The Concert Choir.


Kurt Mertins
phone: 2831 5701

Gunner Jensen
phone: 3969 4481

Jørgen Bremholm
Jørgen BremholmFounder of The Danish Boys Choir
Founder of The Danish Boys Choir Jørgen Bremholm was the conductor of The Male Choir from 1994-2002.
Gunner Jensen
Gunner JensenConductor of The Male Choir
Gunner Jensen is a former boys singer at The Danish Boys Choir, and he has been a part of The Male Choir since its foundation.